Here are the most common and most difficult problems with Lexus speedometers:

. LEXUS LS400(93-94):

The most common but easy:

The backlighting flickers until the car warmed up, only then the fuel gauge starts working,  but it  SLOWLY  reads only  half tank even when your gas tank is full We fix these 2 issues for $220 and in many cases the Tachometer and/ or the speedometer gauges are sticky, it won't move for the first 15,20 minutes. Contact us for repair cost for this issue

Here are the most difficult problems that no other electronic repair facility but us can fix them such as:

.Partially lit or UNLIT needle , we are the only one that has the fix for that by replacing them with our specially -designed rebuilt needle, the cost is $75 for each partially lit and $150 for each unlit  needle , and we guarantee our works for one year with unlimited mileage. 

.The backlighting is NOW totally blacked-out, or all needles are lit, but the backlighting is all dark, see sample pictures on front page, or the fuel gauge is NOW dead or acts crazy, or the odometer display disappears, contact us for any other symptom and for a quote. 

 If you are locally in LA, CA. and you want us to remove and reinstall the instrument cluster, we will charge an extra $40 for it. 


NEW!!  Fix for  LS400(95-00),SC400/300(97-00) the issue:Speedo, Tach works On and OFF, sometimes they work sluggishly. When you first start your LS, SC the

Speedo and Tach are illuminated but rest on Zero. Independently they usually start to work after 10, 15 minutes later. We fix this problem for $150

 .SC400/300, ES300 (92-96). Backlight blacked-out, Needles flicker or unlit. No problem with us, We already resume service them including rare issues of faulty gauge(s) movement. Our  rebuilt needles, in red color, will last for years and especially still perform like original ones. Pricing: $350 for SC and GS, $300 for ES model

GX470, LX470(03-06):  The Speedo and Tach gauges work intermittently :$250

LS400,430/RX300,350/LX470(95-06):Intermittent or permanent backlighting black-out. Gauge(s) stop functioning or works intermittently, Odometer display blank or blinking :  From $150- $350.

Most frequently asked question: Is it true that Lexus cars has so many problems?

Answer: No, in fact the opposite is correct. The average consumers must understand this rule: There is no such thing as the perfect car, there are only less or more problematic cars.

And luxury cars has more problems than those of medium-price cars.


I have been in this field for almost 30 years now and I can say that Lexus cars is still thee best  high end car in the world, they are still much better engineered by far and have much less issues compare with German cars which its

electronic components and accessories starts going bad  just  after a few  months old!! That's why Lexus cars resale value retains the highest compare with other luxury cars .



Contact: Initial contact must be thru Email: info@LAspeedometer

.com , we're in the LA, CA area and will reply within 1 hr.